Thursday, March 30, 2017

RE:Healthcare Project Manager/Business Analyst




Hope you are doing great

Please find the position below and if you feel yourself comfortable with the role then please do respond me back .

Healthcare Project Manager/Business Analyst

Columbus, Ohio

6 Month Contract

Face to Face

Resumes due Monday 4/3 @ 11am

Best Rate


 Immediate need for  a Healthcare Project Manager/Business Analyst to assist in newborn screening programs. Currently there are 3 separate data and programmatic systems for reporting state-mandated newborn screening and managing the follow-up activities for those babies with abnormal screening results to ensure compliance with the ORC for the 3 types of newborn screening in Ohio - bloodspot, hearing and critical congenital heart disease. These systems are not linked which results in duplicative information being collected and difficulties ensuring that all infants are appropriately screened. A linked or unified system would provide efficiencies on data collection, program metrics, and customer service.



Number of Years

Experience with Health Data Records, new born screening information, large healthcare data systems.


Leadership skills (to coordinate a multi-disciplinary team)


Project Management


Business Analyst skills - to be able to document specifications Research skills (to explore potential IT solutions to bring to the team)


Experience with large health care data systems that contain protected health information and have case management capabilities


Experience linking large (population-based) data systems, e.g., vital statistics birth records (140,000 births/year) and 3 individual newborn screening programs' data (screening results, confirmatory testing results, and treatment information)  = 3 x 140,000/year = 420,000 records/year.


Expertise in newborn screening, laboratory information systems, case management, large, complex population-based data systems, and messaging (e.g.,HL7) would be helpful


Thanku &regards


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