Thursday, November 29, 2012

Re: Who would you rather?

Is this possible that tourism business men would be appointed such high rank without having worked for public service or for the  government??? What about the current and previous tourism proficient staffs of MTT? Those two business men might be experts at their field but might not accustomed with government rules and regulations and procedures since  Government work and staffs can not be performed and dealt  like their own private company!! The previous minister didn't seem to realize that fact and the result was as we all knew. Besides, those two persons are still running their tourism business and thus it's  not appropriate unless they stop or quit from current career.
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On Monday, November 26, 2012 12:10:21 PM UTC+6:30, hpoun kyaw wrote:

      Very limited choices, a proof of poor human resources in Burma and scarcity of Burma talent pool or perhaps, concepts of egoists or egotists!
      Future is not sure but seems to be brighter & nicer from optimists' point of view but not of pessimists' or realists'; past has had a lot of lessons to learn but seems to be " we'd better forget them & let's make similar or same things"; presence is the reality supposed to be accepted with the optimum alternatives!
        Anyway, it is easier to be said than done!
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