Friday, September 30, 2011

perl developer @ NYC

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Title : perl developer
Location : NYC
Duration : 6 months
Rate :

Job Description
Skills Required: 

The position is for someone to maintain and enhance a utility written in perl that collects and analyses sql statements issued against a sybase server. The sql statements are read from the sybase instance, written to files, parsed by a perlxs-based library and then imported into a db2 warehouse. The parser is a lex/yacc based sql statement parser that is used to break down a statement or set of statements into the component objects which are then recorded in the warehouse for further analysis. Rapid, accurate processing of the sql statement data is important to reduce the intervals between polling the source server and thus minimise the data loss caused by missed sql statement executions.
The person filling the position will need to be a quick self-starter, able to work to tight deadlines, manage a queue of enhancements and bug fixes held in jira, work closely with application owners and database administrators to understand requirements, and analyse and leverage a significant existing code base.
Required Skills
Perl coding
  - Experience with DBI/DBD for database connectivity
  - Experience in building compiled modules for perl using tools such as perlxs C coding Lex/Yacc
  - Building complex lex/yacc parsers Sql
  - Understanding of basic syntax
  - Knowledge of Sybase and/or DB2

 - Familiarity with Jira

Bartronics America
Phone : 732-658-5678
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