Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Lifts Tourism Boycott


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via Enchanting Myanmar by Hpone Thant (Harry) on 5/30/11 announced it has lifted the ban on Burma-based holidays from its website but urges the travel industry to act with care and avoid 'irresponsible' tourism development in the region. It also urges the Burmese Government and newly formed Burmese Tourist Board to work with the NLD and local people to put a responsible tourism plan in place.

The article – with the subheading 'correction appended' – marks a bizarre 360 degrees u-turn for the newspaper, after having reported on the very same statement on Tuesday with an article entitled 'NLD Condemn Tourism in Burma'. The piece received severe criticism via the paper's forum and has subsequently been removed from the newspaper's website and replaced with a more favourable interpretation of the NLD statement.

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