Friday, December 31, 2010

Questions 2011

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year 2011!
If it is interesting, it's for you, otherwise, just to be ignored.

Questions for Myanmar Tourism Industry.

(1) When will VOA be appeared again without pre-arranged method?

(2) When will FEC be disappeared from tourism field as legitimate

(3) When will Myanmar present united hotelier & tourism organization
on national level (today, UMTA, MMC, MHA – all are fragmented!)?

(4) When will Myanmar tourism law permit out-bound tourism

(5) When will Myanmar hotels offer lower contract rates to previous
year's one (here, it does not mean low season rate Vs high season

(6) When will major tour sites be with proper infrastructure; i.e.;
village lanes for horse-cart inside Innwa, Aung Pan- Pindaya road

(7) When will Inle Lake be ready for home-stay tourism?

(8) When will Paohs stop to ask "forced conductor fees" while visiting
Sagar & Kakku with company guide?

(9) When will old Japanese single men clients stop to ask for
arranging young female companion (not tourist guide) during their

(10) When will reliable trips by train come in the market in this
beautifully landscaped country?

(11) When will Myanmar Hotelier & Tourism Institute be appeared on
national level?

(12) When tourists should come to see authentic tribal culture and
social life (here, it does not mean man-made parade Naga New Year

(13) When will Yangon attract more intensively with varieties of show,
galleries, night markets, theme parks, particular daily local scenes?

(14) When will Myanmar local tour guides eject Korean tour leaders who
do not have any respect to official regulation, do not have co-
operation with local people and do not hire local guide neither?

(15) When will Myanmar tourism & hotelier field let foreign
expatriates go home? (Today, reliable figures show that more than 80%
of foreigners' marriage & living together with Myanmar women are from
tourism field).

(16) When will be possible to stop equality of NRCs & Foreign
Expropriates for payment condition in (some) tourism & hotelier

(17) When will wise & experienced senior tutor guides appear again in
the field like in years 1994/5's guide training

(18) When will be possible to see "tour guide reference library" in
Myanmar with thousands of books (especially on Myanmar) in several
languages? A poor writer alone (Saya Paragu) can afford to establish
such a library, so, why wealthy guides cannot do collectively?

(19) When will be possible to see reliable "leisure tourism event
calendar" (not like Orchid Show in Inle & Nyaung Shwe, not like
forthcoming ChinLone show in Bagan – a reliable scheduled ones in tour
season – Gem Emporium is not for leisure market)?

(20) When will be possible to see newly introduced E-tickets of zone
fee without so many commercial logos?

(21) When will be possible to see more hotels around Golden Rock

To be continued.

You are kindly invited to continue for speaking out in above mentioned
serial numbers that we have many questions to be discussed. Thank


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