Monday, May 31, 2010

Pekanbaru Riau

Pekanbaru Riau

Bing Remove Google of the iPhone 4G/HD? [Digg]

Posted: 30 May 2010 04:08 PM PDT

Microsoft reportedly was busy lobbying for Apple. It is said that this effort to get rid of the default system Google search on mobile phones iPhone 4G/HD future.These rumors continue to grow in various sites and blogs before the event takes place annually

The Legend of El Dorado Treasure Mystery [Digg]

Posted: 30 May 2010 03:19 PM PDT

El Dorado could be a treasure hunter's dream. The image of a city full of gold. But for hundreds of years, not one successful expedition had unmasked a mystery. Is El Dorado is just a fairy tale? Or does he really exist?The Legend of El Dorado provoke.

Acer, Convenience at Your Fingertips [Digg]

Posted: 30 May 2010 02:16 PM PDT

Humans crave simplicity in technology. However, in practice, it is sometimes difficult technology. Acer is trying to offer a concept that facilitates the use of technology number of devices we use have drawbacks, namely the emergence...

Paramore vocalist topless photo circulated on Twitter [Digg]

Posted: 30 May 2010 12:42 PM PDT

Vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams, a victim of ignorant hands on the internet. Recently, someone Hayley topless photos circulating on Twitter.As reported by Billboard, Saturday (29/05/2010), in the photograph, the red-haired Hayley, looking posing...

Tips How to Form a Six Pack Stomach [Digg]

Posted: 30 May 2010 12:39 PM PDT

For most men have the stomach Six Pack is a dream which continues because they want to achieve six pack belly looks more sexy and fat-free of course. In addition to regular exercise of course there are special tips in your stomach to form a six pack...

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